26 Mart 2013 Salı

Yet Another Tetris Clone [Looking for developers]

Recently, I have been working on a tetris clone. It is still far from being complete and the code needs a clean-up, but it is already playable.

It is written in Python2 and uses pygame for graphics. I have tested it only on Arch Linux but it should work on all desktops including Windows and Mac.

What is already done:
-Basic gameplay (uses SRS for rotations and kicks)
-A simple score system (singles, doubles, triples, tetrises and combos are rewarded, players also get a few points of each placed tetromino and hard drops, within higher levels, higher points are given)
-A structure for adding new gametypes

What to do:
-Campaign mode. (Player will have to complete different objectives on each level like clearing 10 lines in 15 seconds or performing 3 t-spins with less than 10 cleared lines, it will have a learning curve and teach beginners tricks like spins)
-High scores

If you like to help the development, please contact me at arkocal@gmail.com. Also, any information about copyright issues are welcome.

Here is the source code, run with:
python gui_pygame.py
python2 gui_pygame.py
depending on your distro.

May the force be with you.